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Sometimes We Need A Little Magic(k)

Est. December 14th 2018


Tarot and Oracle Card Reading


It's me, Genie, the Witch of Boise!

I've been blessed with a gift that I've had ever since I was very young. This gift is an ability to connect with spirit.  With this gift, that I'm still exploring and growing, I want to share with you guidance and healing for your soul and spirit.

I've been doing tarot and card reading for well over a decade as a party trick.  I thought it was fun and left it as that.  As I matured into my own spiritual journey, I realized that I could use these cards to help me heal and grow.  After starting to read for close friends, I realized the cards not only help me but helps others overcome difficult times, making what may feel like failure into lessons.

I'm a tarot and oracle card reader as well as an intuitive reader. I go off of what spirit or my guides are telling me and that's what comes out in my readings: good and bad!

Please visit my YouTube channel to experience FREE general tarot readings and pick a card readings. Make sure you are following me on Instagram. I do daily Card of the Day readings in my stories. And I'm also TikTok! All my handles are:    witchofboise

I'm excited to bring you a multitude of energy and items that will bring love, healing, and guidance into your life.

Be apart of the Witch of Boise Coven, today!

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