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Witch of Boise's Local Haunts and Recommendations

Mental Health


In a lot of my readings, I express how important mental health is and getting help from certified and licensed is key to overcoming big life obstacles! Nichole is an excellent counselor. Nichole was the Counselor of the Year award from the Idaho Counseling Association in 2018! She is very easy to talk to and open up to. Her intuition is top notch! Nichole is inclusive to all types of life styles and what you are needing help on.


Decor and Party Supplies


Lydia is amazing and her skills to decorate with balloons and design is what you need for any special occasion! Weddings, birthdays, holidays, you think it, she can make it happen! Zeppelin Balloons is environmentally conscious and is constantly giving back to the community. Zeppelin Balloons has been such a big supporter of Witch of Boise since the beginning.
605 S Vista Ave
Boise ID, 83705


Are you a local Boise business that wants to be featured?

Please click the button below to email me your business name, address, and brief explanation of what your business does, with the email subject line "Witch Picks". This doesn't automatically put you to be featured, but a consideration.

Also if you find your business is featured and you do not want to be featured, please email as well.

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