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Witch of Boise is on Spotify! And not just for Toasty Tarot Nights the Podcast!

Below is the playlist on the songs on the most recent Pick A Card readings I've done (some of them haven't been published yet!) on YouTube. Make sure you follow there to get the music from different readings. And be in awe of the eclectic variety of what WoB listens to! No music genre is safe! :)

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I'm so excited to start doing paid readings! This is an exciting and new venture for Witch of Boise. I thank you for your patience, support and understanding.

If you haven't checked out my latest Pick A Card reading, you really should!

She's baaaaaack! :) EDIT: I'm now on Spotify and am in the process of being approved for Apple. Make sure you follow me on Spotify for this current and all future episodes! :) Toast Tarot Nights has b

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